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Our History

Our History

We provide effective, security solutions for everyone, from the homeowner, to the largest corporate, all with the same care and attention. We prioritise the protection of people first then property and that protects your lifestyle.

I began this company in 1985 providing Patrol and Alarm Response services and expanded our services as the need became apparent. The monitoring of alarms became necessary as the companies that were doing it were taking 20 to 45 minutes to notify our patrols of an activation… worthless!

No deterrent value and no opportunity to catch the thieves in the act. Once I started monitoring in house, the activations were notified immediately and it made a huge difference, enabling us to do our job much more effectively and provided a practical deterrent to repeat attempts.

“Our clients are not just numbers to us”

I next began installing alarm equipment to ensure effective placement of detection devices and to take advantage of new and developing technologies, hence the name change from Checklock Security to Nutech Security.

People come to us with issues that concern them, from protection of their business or home assets through to protection for their staff. I have a team of experienced experts that work through options that will provide real world solutions for you with varying price points. We do not offer a “one size fits all” experience and will tailor your site to you. We ensure this happens by talking in plain English and not technical speak. It is not our aim to impress you with how clever we all are, while the gist of what we are saying maybe going clear over your head. The question and answer session(s) is to get everyone onto the same page with the same understanding.

“If someone rings at 2am it is answered by an operator, not a machine”

​Our clients are not just numbers to us. We have always answered our phones and I will not even allow an automated directory service… you know the ones… where you spend half your life pushing 1 for this and 5 for that etc. If you call us we will answer the phone and speak to you. Oh, and yes, we are in NZ.

We provide everything from a personal/medical alarm (now with GPS Tracking so you can use it away from home) right through to a complete City Surveillance System, Manpower Services (Guards and Patrols) and of course our exceptional Monitoring Service (Alarms and Cameras).

No matter your situation I invite you to call us and experience my teams positive attitude and capable way of doing things.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Kind regards,


Keith Margan

Managing Director

Nutech Security Limited.

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