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Fog Cannon Subsidy

If you operate a small retail establishment, you might qualify for a $4,000 grant to cover the installation of a fog cannon.

These innovative fog cannons can swiftly envelop your store in a thick fog, effectively obscuring visibility for potential criminals and thus thwarting any additional damage or theft.

Get support to install fog cannons at your retail shop

Small retail businesses are eligible to request a subsidy for the installation of fog cannons, provided they meet specific criteria. To apply for the fog cannon subsidy, your business must meet the following requirements:

  • Have no more than two outlets.
  • Employ five or fewer paid workers.
  • Possess a street frontage (outlets situated within indoor malls with pre-existing security measures will not be considered eligible).
  • A retail outlet, in this context, refers to an establishment primarily focused on selling finished goods to the general public.

How to apply for Government Fog Cannon Subsidy

  • Ensure you meet the subsidy criteria
  • Register with MBIE here

Once your application is approved contact us with the following:

  1. Approval voucher code, Application number
  2. Business Name, NZBN Number, Business Location(s)
  3. Main Contact Name, Email Address, Contact Number
  4. We will discuss your requirements and provide a quote.

Once approved we then book in a time to install the system.

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Dedicated Monitoring

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