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Alarm Monitoring

When there is no one on-site, a monitored alarm serves as your frontline defence. Nutech offers remote alarm monitoring services, our trained staff monitor devices that are connected to our network

If your alarm goes off, we’ll instantly assess the situation, and dispatch a response. Monitored alarms are an effective deterrent as any trespassers know they have little time to carry out their plans, so often move onto less secure premises.

Nutech's Remote Alarm Monitoring Services

At Nutech, our alarm response team is always ready to provide a rapid response. We’ll be there in a flash to handle the situation with the highest level of professionalism and deter any unwelcome activity. 
When an alarm is activated, our alarm response team must be vigilant and responsive to ensure the safety and security of your assets, we serve the following industries: 
  • Homes and residential areas
  • Retail spaces
  • Educational physicalities and school
  • Industrial units


Working alone can be a challenge, but it doesn't have to be a risk. Our lone worker protection solution provides an extra layer of security and peace of mind. With our advanced tracking and communication systems, you'll never truly be on your own. Stay safe, stay connected, and stay productive with our lone worker protection service.


If there's an emergency, every second counts. At Nutech, our panic alarm response team is always ready to provide a rapid response and ensure your safety. Don't hesitate to activate your panic alarm - we'll be there in a flash to handle the situation and keep you secure.

Alarm Watch

Who We Work With

Dedicated Monitoring

Dedicated Monitoring

At Nutech Security we ensure round-the-clock protection with our dedicated monitoring services.



Experience seamless installation of state-of-the-art security systems, tailored to your specific needs.

Experienced Guards

Experienced Guards

Trust in our team of trained and experienced security guards, who bring their expertise and vigilance.

Looking for expert security services? Call us on

Looking for expert security services? Call us on 0800
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