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Whether you are a small start-up company or comprise one of a great multinational group, being the target of crime is a matter of concern for all. Criminal activity impacting on business makes up a fifth of all crime that occurs costing a staggering $7 billion a year to New Zealand (Source, the New Zealand Treasury).   It would be fair to assume that you don’t want to be a part of that statistic, so how do you reduce the risk? This article sets out some ways to protect your business from the ravages of crime, both externally and from within.

Conduct a Security Assessment

Managing the risks of crime is a challenge but one that should be a high priority for anyone who wants accountability, transparent economics and accurate forecasting. As an employer you want to be able to trust everyone is not only working for you, but working with you. This means that all involved in the business are together striving for the same aims and celebrating success in a collaborative environment. An assessment will identify your vulnerable areas allowing you to deal efficiently with those which could be augmented with security measures. Have an independent security assessment conducted by a reliable Security Company to ensure you have your bases covered and you can take measures to protect your business.

Locked and Loaded

top-10-ways-to-protect-your-business-contentYou may think your premise, offices and warehouses are secure but if your locks are easily broken and your windows are accessible, you have work to do. Fit locks to windows, strengthen doors and install security lighting in dark areas. Those spots which have incoming goods or outgoing cash removal would benefit from being monitored by Security Cameras and there are a range of cameras out there for external environments or temperature controlled zones. They are not one size fits all, so you may need a Security Company to give you the options for minimising the risk in sensitive spots.

Protect Your Business from Crime

Have training sessions that canvas the scenario in a break-in situation, in the event of a hold-up, or discovering a crime. Make sure the staff know who to contact and what to do in case they need to defend themselves. Have a set routine for reporting suspicious behaviour and reporting activity so that everybody knows what to do if crime ever comes knocking.

Protect-Your-Business-contentLimit Cash Holding

Stockpiling cash on the premise is asking for trouble. Banks have a purpose so make sure that if you have a till system those responsible are trained in emptying it correctly and that when you move cash, that you do so regularly and if possible either under surveillance, or using a secure removal service. To protect your business consider using a Security Company to assist with moving money or providing monitoring or guards in vulnerable times.

Undertake Regular Audits

Accounting procedures, password changes and sensitive information handling need to be routinely checked to ensure that each is managed by people you trust and that everything is where it should be. Having stock-taking conducted regularly means that any internal criminal activity is picked up early and you are aware of what is moving in your business, and where.

It is wise to involve the professionals to help you see where you can improve your security, protect your business and reduce the risk of crime. This could involve proffering advice on cameras and lighting, monitoring, guards, money moving, training and more. We are together with you in the battle to combat crime and stop it from tripping up you and your business. Call for obligation free advice.

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