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If you are hosting an event, moving valuables, building or feeling vulnerable, then using Static Security Officers might be a good option for you. Before you take this step though, it is important you understand what role they take and that you involve a company with professional, reliable licensed Security Officers. This blog will outline some responsibilities of Static Security Officers and what you can expect from a quality team.

static-security-officers-contentStatic Security Officers are used to protect private property, assets and people. In many cases, their presence alone can be sufficient deterrent for would-be criminals. However, along with being a visual preventive measure against those on the prowl, Static Security Officers observe and report on matters of security and anything else of interest. For instance, they can inspect and identify maintenance problems; respond to client and patron enquiries including screening guests; respond to emergencies and alarms: be involved in building lock-up, closing and concierge services.

Make sure that the company you are using employs Security Officers who are qualified, have been background checked and are licensed. You want to have those looking after your premises, property and people to be dedicated and reliable. If possible your Security Officers will hold current first aid certificates, know self-defence and understand the law surrounding forcibly removing someone from a building or event. Having knowledge around responsible service of alcohol and being able to recognise somebody who is imbibed. There are certain behaviours that trouble-makers exhibit which when observed and dealt with can be circumvent potential mishaps at events where spectacles of the undesirable variety can be an unwanted embarrassment.

Static Security Officers are typically outside or within banks, shopping centres, building sites and pharmacies. They provide the company with the security needed to prevent the kind of disaster that often goes beyond fiscal loss. Having Static Security Officers posted while you are away, when you need a concierge or when managing a busy project.

With new laws that have come into play requiring all employers to take every measure to protect their employees from risks to their health and wellbeing, having a Security Officers at your premises may well be an important step toward the management of safety in your workplace. Make sure that you identify and outline all the things you want your Static Security Officers to be responsible for along with the steps you’d like them to take if the unexpected occurs.

Our Security Officers are all background checked and licensed, carrying first aid certificates and available for duties at events, buildings, shopping centres and concierge duties. Having undergone rigorous employment entry parameters, our Security Officers are effective, experienced and trustworthy. Give us a call to see what our Static Security Officers can do for you.


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