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Having our base in Tauranga and being successfully delivered security services to locals and residents for over 25 years we have decided to branch out and extend that same service to Rotorua. As the newest security company in Rotorua, we know how important it is to be a comfortable, familiar presence for everyone and develop a relationship with the locals. This post is about what a security company in Rotorua can do for you.

Experience professionalism

Security-Company-in-Rotorua-contentWhere some security firms specialise in certain areas of security like patrolling, for example, they may not be able to offer a complete security service in terms of providing hardware, installation and monitoring. Furthermore, the trend for a lot of global security companies is to outsource monitoring or other aspects of the job. What this means is that if your security becomes compromised, a monitoring centre elsewhere is notified and from there they follow your instructions, forwarding the call through to another security company to follow up and deploy security personnel where necessary.

We have our dedicated communications centre in Tauranga and everything is handled and managed from there so it is contained and solved centrally rather than involving multiple groups where the risk of misinformation, delays or incorrect procedures being implemented is eliminated. As a security company in Rotorua we understand how important it is to have your company employing local people and having a genuine interest in the region. Protecting parks, campsites and local community areas are avid interests of the company and something we take very seriously. We have a shop in Rotorua where a salesperson is employed to offer advice and security deals throughout the week.

Security Company in Rotorua with a Difference

Our point of difference other than managing all our communications locally is that we are a family business. Having the depth of experience that we do, we can employ the very best trained, certified personnel and partner with top hardware companies to deliver the ultimate security solutions for home and business. We understand the complexities involved in keeping a company safe and have a special interest in home security since home and families play such a central role in our lives.

As locals ourselves, having brought our families up in the Bay of Plenty we understand how lucky we are to live here. We want to be able to protect the lifestyle we have, the people we love and the businesses we build up. This is our life’s work. We are invested in researching new technologies and innovation that help us to achieve our goals to deliver the best security solutions for all our clients.

When you need a security company in Rotorua to look after your security be it for your business or home, we can offer you experience, a great reputation and great service from a group of talented, dedicated professionals. Learn about our difference today.

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