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This year is busy for business and families alike. All the Christmas shopping can certainly be an exciting experience. Preparing for the celebration of Christmas is a big event for most families. Unfortunately, it is also the time of year where unscrupulous individuals are out in full force. Those who seek to take advantage of lacking security to get their hands on presents and household items choose this time to gain unlawful access into your property and steal away with whatever they can get their hands on. Safety at Christmas begins by taking care of your surroundings, your home and your loved ones so that you can enjoy a Christmas without any interfering criminals getting in the way. There are ways you can prevent your property from being preyed upon.

Be Prudent

Making sure you have a good functioning neighbourhood watch group is important. As is, having a communally reciprocal relationship with your neighbours whereby you inform them of your whereabouts and have contact numbers to reach, should any suspicious activity be apparent in the area.

Keeping watch on your street is a good measure to take in order to keep alert and informed as would-be intruders usually scope out the properties they intend to burgle prior to committing the act. It is important to be mindful of what your property looks like from the street.

  • Do you have toys and objects out on the lawn?
  • Is the interior of your home observable from the road?
  • If you have security, do you have stickers advising thieves of this?
  • Do your doors have deadbolts and do your windows have locks?
  • How accessible is your home?

Keeping blinds drawn to the street, valuables hidden from sight and advertise the security measures you have, are all ways you can reduce the chance of a break in.

safety at ChristmasKeep it Hidden

Safety at Christmas is about ensuring that your gifts, including all the boxing and wrapping is stored away from sight. Giving is the spirit of Christmas but you don’t want to give would-be thieves any reason to break-in and help themselves to the Christmas gifts you have thoughtfully purchased for your family.

Break-ins at Christmas are devastating to hear about, and regrettably, a feature of the holiday season. Taking care to install alarms, locks, CCTV, monitoring, patrols and guard services can all help to boost your safety at Christmas. If you are going away over the Christmas season, make sure you have someone to clear your letterbox, keep your lawns tidy and keep up the appearance of someone at home.

For more tips on how to create a safe home and protect your loved ones, see our website or call for security advice.


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