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Partnering with Tauranga City Council for over 10 years, we have been proud to deliver the CCTV solutions assisting the Police to arrest offenders caught on cameras positioned throughout Tauranga. After careful consideration during a trial process, we are pleased to reveal the implementation of the latest in video surveillance technology providing a boost in security for the region. In conjunction with Atlas Gentech and Hikvision, cutting edge technology is being used to provide excellent image quality even in low light situations relying on infrared lighting and will be a useful tool in offender detection and deterrence. These initiatives are important in helping to protect the community.

The Operations Centre

Protect-the-community-contentIn addition, a purpose-built facility houses the operations centre from which Hikvision’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition system will be deployed to facilitate a safe and efficient transport zone within Tauranga. As Tauranga continues to grow, so does the traffic congestion and necessity to direct and manage traffic flows. Furthermore, breaches of traffic laws can be detected and perpetrators identified with the recognition system. This software remains an important tool in facilitating transportation that benefits all users.

The video management system will allow playback of video footage with ease, meaning video surveillance analysis is reliable and accurate. Also, patches and upgrades to the operating system will no longer interfere with this process. This complete overhaul puts the control and management of the video footage back into the hands of the operators. Eliminating error, inefficiencies and additional costs made the deployment of this system an easy decision for the council. Supporting a host of video inputs and enabling simple playback and storage was a great benefit of this new system.

Protect the Community with CCTV

The quality images that this CCTV hardware provides will be displayed on a video wall that exhibits hundreds of superior images at real-time frame rates while being constantly downloaded and available for playback and accurate identification of people and objects captured by the cameras. Each monitor can be manipulated, and no longer does fading light interfere with the ability to detect and identify criminals meaning more accurate data for the Police. These enhancements make it easier for the Police to protect the community.

Maintaining an efficient and accurate representation of the city hotspots along with traffic control and low-light technology means that the city council now has a more reliable resource to use in its role to provide a safe community in collaboration with us.


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