The thought of being confronted by a masked individual in your own home during a home invasion is an encounter most people would feel pretty terrified by. Thankfully there are measures you can take to reduce the risk of home invasion and preserve the safety of your home and the people in it.

Secure Your Home

The first port of call is to ensure the entries to your home are secure from a home invasion. This can be achieved by a combination of locks, surveillance and alarms. Burglars may not always attempt a home invasion via the most obvious entry point. Therefore, in addition to having key locks installed on every door, consider having security latches fixed to your windows. Also if your garage has an internal access, make sure that there is a lock between your garage and home.

Sensors and alarms are an important security measure and can alert yourself, neighbours and a security company if there is a security breach. Typically, an alarm is set up at the main entry point to your home but since sensors located in corners have a large detection area it may be useful to consider having a sensor in your main living room. Be aware that some sensors are sensitive to movement and may therefore perceive the presence of a pet. Talk to your security company for an option that suits you best.

Secure the Perimeter

If you have a property which is enclosed then another barrier to the threat of home invasion is to have gated access via a keypad or remote. This ensures that anyone coming onto your property is authorised to be there unless they gain access by circumventing the system or climbing over the perimeter to your home.

Surveillance cameras are yet another option that are a solid preventative measure against the threat of home invasion. Cameras positioned around your property act two-fold as a deterrent for potential burglars scoping out your home and as a recording device which captures the burglar in the act which can be helpful to assist the Police in identifying the offenders. Of course advertising the fact your property is protected is a great deterrent in a home invasion situation. No one wants to pick on the house with great security measures in place.


A more intensive security measure involves engaging a security company to provide patrols and around the clock monitoring. Their role is to conduct random checks on the property, ensuring there are no threats to home security. How frequently they patrol your grounds and monitor your home is usually arranged between yourself and the security company you involve.

With a combination of locks, sensors, alarms, patrols and cameras you have a robust preventative system against home invasion. Should you find your home security compromised, in the first instance always contact the New Zealand Police on 111.

For more information regarding home invasion preventative measures including alarm, key lock installation and video surveillance take a look at our Home Security information.

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