Every year the New Zealand Fire Service attends around 3,000 house fires.

These include everything from a small kitchen fire caught in the nick of time to an entire home destroyed.

House fires burn very fast and emit more poisonous smoke than ever before because of modern day home insulation and furnishing materials. It takes just three minutes to lose your family and home to a fire, which is why it’s critical you have working smoke alarms installed and a regularly practiced escape plan.

The innate desire to protect our loved ones comes naturally to us all. But many people don't know that when you sleep, smoke is odourless and virtually undetectable. A fire reaches in excess of 800 degrees in three minutes and if you haven’t already woken up, your chances of survival are extremely slim. It’s a fact that you’re four times more likely to survive a fire if you have working smoke alarms in your home.

Nutech Security are leaders in their field and have your safety options covered.  With winter in full swing, the risk of fire is greatly increased as we all seek to make our homes warm and comfortable. A hard-wired smoke detector installed and monitored by Nutech will send a signal direct to the monitoring centre. If you are home, they can get help to you quickly and avert tragedy. And even if you aren't home, when the alarm goes off, Nutech will inform emergency services and minimise damage.

Sign up to Nutech monitoring by the end of June, purchase a hard-wired smoke detector, have it installed and we will match your investment by providing and installing a second detector FREE!

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