Did You Know?

  • By the time you finish reading this article, if your house was on fire, there is a very real chance it would be well and truly destroyed?
  • There is a house fire approximately every three hours in New Zealand. A house fire moves quickly and can consume an entire room within forty seconds.
  • You are four times more likely to survive a fire if you have working smoke alarms in your home.

Nutech’s quality UL Listed smoke alarms are hard-wired which means you never have to worry about the battery running out. In the event of a power cut, they are powered by the backup battery in the security system that lasts for days, meaning you are never without protection.

Within seconds of a fire starting and being detected by the smoke detectors the internal and external sirens activate and the fire signal is sent to our 24hr control room where our staff notifies the NZ Fire Service. The process is fast, and seamless.

How fast can fire claim your home?

  • In more than 80% of house fires attended in 2009, smoke alarms were not installed, not working or not monitored.
  • Your sense of smell does not work while you sleep.

This is dangerous because when modern furnishings burn in a house fire they release toxic fumes. In a lot of fatal house fires it’s not the fire that kills you; it’s the lethal poisons that fill the air in the form of smoke. Nutech monitored alarms are an efficient way to save you and your family and offer much greater protection than the stand alone battery operated smoke detectors as they are monitored 24 hours a day, are not prone to false alarm and activate the high volume internal and external sirens of your security system in the very early stages of a fire when smoke is first detected.

  • Fires don’t always happen when you’re asleep. In fact, most house fires start in the kitchen and 42% of careless fires are caused by leaving cooking unattended.

It only takes a few seconds for hot oil to alight on an open element. Whether you are in the house; at the next-door neighbours; or in the backyard, with a hard-wired smoke detector installed and monitored by Nutech, internal and external sirens would be activated as soon as smoke was detected and a signal would also be sent direct to the monitoring centre. Whether you are home or not the monitoring duty officers initiate the appropriate response immediately.

  • Approximately 12 people die from house fires in New Zealand every year.

House fires are absolutely avoidable and can be prevented through education, awareness and efficiency.

  • Our monitored smoke alarms save lives.

Unless your smoke detector is hooked into a monitored security system, it is less likely anyone will respond to your emergency. Nutech Security rescued our house. We put in security to protect against burglars, but now we really understand alarm monitoring is not just about protecting your home from burglary. Our smoke alarms and Nutech’s response team saved our home from burning down that day.

Lynn Coker

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