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When asking people what is most important to them, the majority of respondents answered that it was “family”. Ensuring our family is healthy, happy and thriving is top of our priorities”. Nutech Security can sometimes have a hand in how to help that to happen.

Why Home Security Patrols?

If you have a parent or relative who either lives alone or may be elderly, has health issues or just seems vulnerable, there are ways you can help make their lives easier. Home Security Patrols provide one way of achieving this, and there are others. Here we look over ways to keep our most precious individuals safe from harm.

Home-Security-PatrolsHaving them connected to medical personnel is important, in this way they can be contacted if they befall any danger. Medic alarms are available and can be monitored as well which can give someone peace of mind. A lot of what contributes to feeling unsettled and at risk is the fear that nobody will be there to assist in a crisis. Eliminating this risk goes a long way toward bringing someone more positivity and security in their lives.

Nutech Security and its “Home Security Patrols” provide the service of following an agreed response plan upon where our 24 hr communications centre is immediately contacted upon any activation of an alarm and either contacts the person, contacts the emergency services for them and/or visits the home to ascertain the reason for the alarm signal.

Random or scheduled patrols are also part of the Home Security Patrol service, if required. For example, if the person has been through an operation and needs someone to ensure they have locked their home and have everything they need close at hand, a Security Officer can take responsibility for this.

Passing on the responsibility to a Security Officer alleviates some of the stress involved with living alone, with an illness or with fragile age.

Eliminate the Risk, Eliminate the Fear

home-security-patrolsInstead of packing up your parents or elderly friends to a retirement home, consider them staying in their comfortable and familiar abode and bring on the services of Home Security Patrols. Whether securing the premises, ensuring the person has help at close call, responding to alarms or making sure the pets are home, a Home Security Patrol offers monitoring and assistance in a way that neighbours cannot. They are reliable, discrete and thorough.

All of our Security Officers have been through a rigorous selection and training process, which means they are qualified, background & police checked and hold a full COA security licence as issued by the Ministry of Justice. Many of our Security Officers also have extensive experience in dealing with all matters of security and some also have been on call when something untoward has happened. They keep cool and bring a safe solution to whatever the person or people encounter.

Living alone, with mobility issues, health concerns or with age need not be something to fear.

Embrace the independence that living in your own home brings and have a little back-up for those occasions when you feel more vulnerable. Having Nutech Security monitor your home and well-being brings a greater quality of life and sense of security that cannot be undermined.

Call today to see how home security patrols can help you or someone you know.

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