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So you are considering installing a home alarm system? There are a number of options available depending on your specific needs. We have compiled a list of Home Security FAQs designed to address some of the more common queries associated with home security.

How do I know if I need a home alarm system?

Having a home alarm system is a personal choice made by those who wish to secure their homes against unauthorised entry. The decision to install a home alarm system is one made with protection and security in mind. There are however a range of alarms from panic alarms to perimeter protection with monitored alarms providing the most comprehensive form of technology-based intruder security.

Will an alarm protect me from an intruder?

An alarm is designed to notify the assigned personnel of an unapproved presence in your home by way of motion detectors and sensors. You can set up the alarm so that a security monitoring company can respond to the alarm and send a dispatch to the property in order to determine the cause of the alarm. In many instances an alarm will deter the intruder but having your alarm monitored by security professionals is another level of protection to keep you and your belongings safe.

Design the alarm monitoring package that suits you, with a variety of contact and dispatch options available.

Are Nutech Security employees certified for installation and or monitoring?

Absolutely. You can guarantee that every contact you have with our security team will be met with qualified, friendly advice and support with your safety as our priority.

How can I make my home more secure?

Protecting your home can involve installing home alarm systems, alarm monitoring, guard services, perimeter protection, sensors and infra-red detection devices, safes, surveillance cameras and more. Talk to one of our friendly staff for which of those options are best for what level of home security you need.

How does monitoring work?

Alarm monitoring is where your home alarm system is connected to our communications centre. In the event of a security breach, our monitoring facility receives an electronic signal from your alarm and follows the emergency response procedures as arranged at the time of installation. If you instruct a security dispatch to your property, the specially trained guard will take the necessary steps to ensure your safety and that of your home.

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