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Last month the Healthy and Safety Reform Bill came into force with the aim of reducing the amount of deaths and injuries in the workplace. What this means for business owners is the need to ensure they do everything in their capability to protect their employees against harm. This includes controlling and minimising risk with a mandate to reduce workplace harm so that businesses take every measure to guarantee a safe working environment for their employees.

It is an opportune time to take action and meet your employee obligations under the new Act so that your business is compliant with the updated requirements. There are a number of ways that employers can take steps to reduce harm to their employees and this article will outline how this can be achieved.

Firstly, having a working camera and alarm system can drastically improve workplace conditions by protecting staff and deterring criminal activity. However CCTV systems work best when they are monitored to enable security guards to identify and respond to any threats to health and safety.

Late Night Shift

Healthy and SafetyFor employees who work evening and night shifts, extra patrols and monitoring is advised. This is because it is more likely for criminal activity to be conducted when night falls. To counter this, having security patrols making their rounds at night offers a strong preventative measure against intrusion, thefts and other criminal activities from happening in the workplace. In addition, once their shifts have ended, the security guards can provide an escort for staff to their vehicles to reassure and provide for their safety.

This is also applicable in situations where staff members work alone or in remote areas. One way to provide additional support for employees is to have portable panic alarms available. This means security personnel are alerted if there are any issues and they can respond immediately. In some situations it might be prudent to have a security officer patrolling the workplace because they are trained and equipped to respond to alarms and situations where it is not suitable for workers to do so. In the instance of an alarm, it is considered best practice for employees to investigate it with someone else present. Systems like these are in place so the health and safety of staff members is foremost when encountering potentially violent intruders.

It is also important for employees to undergo regular welfare checks via phone with a security company so the company can ensure the employees are accounted for at all times.

Safety Review

It is a wise idea for employers to engage a security company to conduct a security review of the workplace environment and make recommendations to ensure the health and safety of all employees. This provides a thorough and documented review of the workplace and enables the security company to identify any potential risks along with ways to improve the security and mitigate those risks. Being proactive in managing the safety of employees will guarantee that business owners are complying with the key features of the new health and safety laws. This empowers companies to take the necessary steps to protect their employees from harm.

For a review of your business, or advice on how you can keep your employees safe, contact us and we will help you with a range of products and services so that your business and those involved in it’s success are protected.

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