Corporate & Local Government Security Specialists

Nutech Security monitor alarms nationwide from our dedicated communications centre in Tauranga and have specialist experience in protecting community assets.

We will work with you to identify the alarm and security system technologies that are right for your application.


We help service and protect communities by providing security services to Community Trusts, City, District and Regional Councils

Security Patrols and Guards

corporate-security-patrolsNutech Security has a large force of night patrol cars in Tauranga City, and contract other high quality, reliable patrol services for clients in other areas.

Your Nutech Security patrol options include:

  • Random security patrol checks
  • Close down service, checking locks, windows and alarms
  • Physical checks on critical processes
  • Rapid alarm response

Site Guards

There are times when communities need site guards to protect their people or their assets.

All Nutech guards are fully trained and licensed.

They know what to do to secure a construction site, disaster area or an at risk area.

Security Escorts

When the pressure is on, your team may need to stay late to get things done.  If this means walking alone to their cars late at night, they may be in real danger.

Take the worry out of their day, and yours, and reduce the risk with a security escort from Nutech.

One of our fully trained, licensed guards will escort them safely to their vehicle.

Event Guards

If there are festivals, sports events and other special events in your community, you need to be sure they are run safely.

You need to know security is handled professionally, so risk to people and property is well managed.

Insist on the fully trained, licensed guards from Nutech Security to be sure everything goes smoothly.

Serious About Corporate Security?

Our Technology Partner Atlas Gentech has prepared a case study for an upgrade to Integriti at the University of Western Sydney.  Click below to read.