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If you own a business, you will be aware of the host of commercial security issues that must be solved to have your business running smoothly. First and foremost, your immediate thoughts must be with your employees. As per regulations around Health & Safety, you must make the environment in which they work as safe as possible. So, if they are ever alone in the office, warehouse or building, work late at night or are participating in cash handling or dangerous activities then you should take remedial action to ensure their wellbeing. Now, think about the site in which you or your goods are located. If you own a commercial building, store a lot of stock, machinery or expensive gear, then having this safeguarded must be on your to-do list. This post looks at ways to act using commercial security to protect and secure your business.

People come first

As indicated, your employees and their Health & Safety always come first. Installing CCTV in areas where they working gives them peace of mind that should any threat to their welfare befall them, that there is evidence of it and that action can be taken immediately to reduce risk to them. Monitored cameras can come in handy here. Also, with the technology available today there are various types of alarms, sensors and entry access points which can be configured per your requirements. Remember, that having your commercial security system installed by a trained professional will guarantee it performs correctly. Additionally, you must always remember to maintain your security system and it is a rule of thumb to check your system at the change of seasons. If your employees need to walk somewhere late after work, consider a security escort. Make sure that your site is well lit and this will act as a deter to any thieves or vandals that seek the darkness to conceal their dubious activities.

Commercial-Security-contentCommercial security for your stock

Your bread and butter are the stock or service that you deal in. If it is a tangible good, then you will want to protect it. During opening hours, there is a level of protection you will want to have, when nobody is there, you will need another layer of commercial security. As previously discussed, lighting is an important feature that acts as a deterrent to would-be thieves. In addition, you will want to have access points well secured after hours. Whether you have a commercial building that houses your goods which need a perimeter, a static guard or CCTV you would be well to think about what happens when nobody is there. CCTV are the eyes that never sleep and having your footage monitored is a further measure against the threats of theft and vandalism.

Get your Patrol on

Having a random or scheduled patrol can be a way to ensure that things are running smoothly at your business. Also, advertising that you have a patrol can be an additional measure to discourage miscreants. So, step one, make sure you have an action plan should any danger befall you, your employees or business. Have your commercial security set up by a professional security company. Your CCTV and alarms should be installed correctly for optimum performance and proper handling. Next, make sure that your access points are secured and areas are well lit. Consider monitored alarms, CCTV or patrols for when you feel vulnerable. Have a security company transport your cash or valuables anywhere into or off premise, and know that there are escort services available for your employees. Also, you should advertise that you have a company managing your commercial security and report any suspicious activity immediately.

The business world is challenging enough without the added stress of theft and vandalism thrown into the mix. Cover your bases and let a professional security team manage your security.

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