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Cities are created as centres for people to connect as a place for work, entertainment and leisure. Cities are spaces that celebrate culture and enterprise. Hubs for people to conduct business, to enjoy art and music, food and commerce. As with any place where many people congregate, safety becomes an issue. Keeping streets free of unsocial or criminal activity is of paramount concern for city officials to maintain the CBD as somewhere that people want to be. A thriving community is important and part of that involves a level of city security so that people feel safe.

A Security Presence

city-security-contentA city in which people assemble to appreciate social and cultural activities is best supported by a city security set-up that promotes a safe environment for such interactions to take place. An inner city that is well lit at night, with CCTV placed to act as a criminal deterrent and with adequate monitoring will help create a place where people can feel protected and secure against the threat of anti-social or criminal action. When people converge in the city centre to mingle, they want to feel they can walk around without the risk of being robbed or abused. The negative impacts of the criminal activity on the sense of safety to individuals is combatted by a robust security system and active security personnel to engage in keeping our public centres free of crime.

Tauranga City Security

We provide the security services to Tauranga City Council including a range of CCTV cameras and support services as we are committed to protecting the community of the city in which we are located. Using our extensive experience in cameras, alarms, monitoring and patrols, we are confident that we are helping create a safer, connected community in the region. We are proud to support Tauranga City Council in promoting a safe and secure environment so that people can enjoy the amenities of the central business district without the fear of crime impacting on their welfare. This includes having four of our trained officers situated at the city centre council campus during the day along with my intensive patrolling and guard services at night. With guards patrolling key areas of the CBD, a heightened sense of watch is established. Their role in maintaining safety for people, property and buildings is an integral part of keeping the city safe.

With our prominent force of night patrol cars, centrally located communications centre and fully trained guards, we know that our expertise is assisting in building a more positive local space. Protecting community assets, supporting the local community in enhancing the security in the region with our specialist services is a cause we are pleased to be a part of.

A bustling central city hub that is free from crime is one that attracts business and locals alike. Being out and about enjoying the social scene without the fear of being attacked is an aim every city should try and attain. Providing the city security services that we do, we know we are on track to helping our local council provide the safest city streets possible. For more information on how to enhance security at your business or home, contact us today.

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