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CCTV Closed Circuit Television

CCTV is a video system where cameras are linked to a digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR). These images are stored on the hard drive usually with enough space to provide a month’s worth of video storage. A monitor is connected to the system and recorded footage can be viewed on it as it is captured by the camera. Video footage can be accessed directly via the security monitor, remotely via a smartphone or through any password enabled internet browser.

Types of cameras vary according to whether they will be used indoors, outdoors, are mobile or static, visible or hidden. Cameras for home security typically include one located at the main entrance to the house, whereas some businesses elect for multiple cameras set up in a closed loop system to fulfill their business security needs.

CCTV surveillance cameras are the eyes that never sleep, keeping track of goings-on when you are unable to. CCTV Security Surveillance Cameras protect business from theft, both as a deterrent from would-be thieves and as a record of occurrences so you can quickly track down anything of concern. Additionally, a surveillance video is an indisputable record of activity to have if ever visual proof is required.

Security surveillance systems can be used either at home or in a commercial or retail premise with most modern systems able to be fully integrated into other security systems. If you own an orchard, agricultural estate or farm, CCTV cameras are a great security measure so you can have complete peace of mind while you are at work.

Protect Your Home and Family with Video Camera Surveillance Equipment

If you are considering increasing surveillance at your home then installing a CCTV surveillance system is an easy solution. The presence of a surveillance camera is a reliable preventive measure against burglaries when they are placed in visible locations external to the home. Having a surveillance camera located at key entry points can not only be an effective deterrent for thieves but also allows you to monitor those specific areas should a thief consider breaking in. CCTV surveillance cameras are normally set to record only when motion is detected.

Safeguard Your Business with CCTV Surveillance Systems

Despite having faith in the honesty of delivery companies, employees, customers and the society at large, the risk of theft to your business from any of these sources exists. Protect your employees, your premises and your business by installing surveillance so that theft and danger to your business is reduced.

Stored images are labelled according to the day, date and time so that any incidence can be accessed and reviewed easily. All recorded images can also be adjusted for lighting and range to provide the best viewable picture. The Digital Video Recorder (DVR) also includes an inbuilt DVD writer along with a USB port for transferring images to a memory stick. With Network Video Recorders (NVR) the recorded images can be viewed remotely.

Modern Video Camera Surveillance Systems are user friendly with images easily recorded, accessed, configured and transferred, whatever your individual needs. Nutech Security provides a specialist service to clients giving free no-obligation quotes, advice, installation, monitoring and security solutions for home and business so you can always feel looked after.

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