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Having our base in Tauranga and being successfully delivered security services to locals and residents for over 25 years we have decided to branch out and extend that same service to Rotorua. As the newest security company in Rotorua, we know how important it is to be a comfortable, familiar presence for everyone and develop […]

Cities are created as centres for people to connect as a place for work, entertainment and leisure. Cities are spaces that celebrate culture and enterprise. Hubs for people to conduct business, to enjoy art and music, food and commerce. As with any place where many people congregate, safety becomes an issue. Keeping streets free of […]

If you are hosting an event, moving valuables, building or feeling vulnerable, then using Static Security Officers might be a good option for you. Before you take this step though, it is important you understand what role they take and that you involve a company with professional, reliable licensed Security Officers. This blog will outline […]

Types of Security Systems and How to Select the Right One First and foremost you will need to consider what it is you are wanting security for, the extent of that security and what security measures you already have in place. Your security solutions specialists in the Bay of Plenty provide some easily implementable tips […]

Your business is a product of energy and effort. As such, your business requires quality security to protect both your investment and the people who help drive it forward. For businesses and commercial operations in today’s environment, advancing your security systems is a key business decision. Among security issues that arise staff safety, burglary, fire […]

Would you like a security company that is behind your business? Your business is a result of your dedicated effort and ingenuity. Being the foundation of your livelihood, your business represents a personal investment of time and capital and therefore holds considerable value. As with anything of value, your business requires protection and security to […]

Are you considering installing or upgrading your security system? With new fibre optic roll-outs, sophisticated hardware and software capabilities including IP monitoring you have more options than ever to protect your business or home from potential security threats. While we are happy to guide you through the range of CCTV and alarm options that are […]

Here in NZ, security is rapidly becoming a hot topic. While we have all heard arm-chair stories of a day when people could leave their doors open and dash down to the shops, we are unfortunately no longer in a position to be able to do this without the risk of opportunistic thieves taking advantage […]

First in Security For more than 25 years Nutech has built an impressive reputation as the first in security protecting people, property and lifestyle. Our head office is located right in the heart of Tauranga where we deliver practical solutions from simple to more elaborate projects requiring multiple integrated systems.  Are you wanting to strengthen […]

CCTV Closed Circuit Television CCTV is a video system where cameras are linked to a digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR). These images are stored on the hard drive usually with enough space to provide a month’s worth of video storage. A monitor is connected to the system and recorded footage can […]

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