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Nutech Security were called to a client’s premises on Glasgow Street during the holiday weekend in order to secure the property following a devastating fire which had ripped through the building. Our Security Officers remained on site 24 hours a day until the property could be secured by fire investigators late Tuesday afternoon. For more […]

All you need to know about installation, maintenance and smoke alarm monitoring. So you have a smoke alarm? If yes then that’s fantastic. However, maintenance to ensure functionality is paramount to the safety of those living under your roof. Furthermore, monitored fire alarm systems are the most robust solution to saving lives and property because […]

Every year the New Zealand Fire Service attends around 3,500 house fires. These include everything from a small kitchen fire caught in the nick of time to an entire home destroyed. House fires burn very fast and emit more poisonous smoke than ever before because of modern day home insulation and furnishing materials. It takes […]

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