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Partnering with Tauranga City Council for over 10 years, we have been proud to deliver the CCTV solutions assisting the Police to arrest offenders caught on cameras positioned throughout Tauranga. After careful consideration during a trial process, we are pleased to reveal the implementation of the latest in video surveillance technology providing a boost in […]

Having our base in Tauranga and being successfully delivered security services to locals and residents for over 25 years we have decided to branch out and extend that same service to Rotorua. As the newest security company in Rotorua, we know how important it is to be a comfortable, familiar presence for everyone and develop […]

If you own a business, you will be aware of the host of commercial security issues that must be solved to have your business running smoothly. First and foremost, your immediate thoughts must be with your employees. As per regulations around Health & Safety, you must make the environment in which they work as safe […]

If you are considering introducing, boosting or overhauling your security system you might want to consider what Security Monitoring involves and whether it is right for you. Whether your office could do with an improvement in security, or you would like to feel safer at home, security monitoring is an area of security that directly […]

Cities are created as centres for people to connect as a place for work, entertainment and leisure. Cities are spaces that celebrate culture and enterprise. Hubs for people to conduct business, to enjoy art and music, food and commerce. As with any place where many people congregate, safety becomes an issue. Keeping streets free of […]

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